Weakened Social dialogue in Slovenia


The EFBWW jointly with ETUC and other ETUFs sent a letter to the Slovenian Government expressing great concern with the decline of social dialogue in Slovenia. We urge the Government to return to the active involvement of the social partners in labour market and social issues.

We are all deeply concerned by reports from our member organisations from Slovenia illustrating a worrying situation where Trade Unions and Social Dialogue are totally ignored. We have learned that the Slovenian Government and the National Assembly recently have adopted a number of decisions that will have a lasting impact on the socio-economic position of workers and employees. It is utterly concerning that these decisions breech the established decision-making process, which stipulates that such decisions should only be made through dialogue with the social partners.

We cannot accept that the political authorities of Slovenia deliberately attempt to exclude social partners, suspend social agreements, avoid social dialogue, and undermine its very foundations.

Read the full letter here.

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