Save the date! 2 June - Webinar: Is the European Union becoming the New Gulf Region?



The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) and the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) are organising a webinar on migration entitled: Is the European Union becoming the new Gulf Region?

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 2nd June from 9:30 – 12:30 CEST on Zoom Platform.

The webinar will be used to discuss the growing number of third country national workers on the EU labour market, who are all too often stuck in the hands of abusive intermediaries, having to work under very precarious labour contracts. The webinar will discuss lessons learned from the situation of migrant workers in the Gulf region and how to ensure full equal treatment for all workers in the construction, wood and forestry sectors in the EU.

The webinar will bring together workers, trade union leaders, researchers, diplomats and EU officials.

We are kindly inviting you to register for the webinar through the registration link.

Interpretation will be available in English and French. The EFBWW and BWI will look into possibilities to provide additional languages if needed.

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