Joint statement of the European social partners of the Woodworking and Furniture Industries on the COVID-19 crisis


The COVID-19 Pandemic has a huge impact on our societies. Human and individual rights are partly suspended and the authorities administrate our individual, our social and the economic life in our societies. The EFBWW sees the need for all these measure, but is also aiming at the most possible direct participation of people in decision making processes and the representation of people and social groups via their organisations. Regarding the economic life, we ask the authorities to involve social partners in their decision making processes when it comes to lock down and the lifting of confinement measures.
The recognized European Social Partner organisations for the woodworking and for the furniture sectors, together with the employer organisations from the panel and the sawmill sector, jointly agreed on proposals on how to protect workers at work and how to support our sectors during the crisis and how to support their recovery.
The joint statement is directed to both policy makers and social partners at national and company level.

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