European trade unions hand petition for More Democracy at Work to European Commissioner



The EFBWW together with ETUC, and other European trade union federations sent a letter to the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit. In the letter, we present the petition More Democracy at Work is a Must!

We call on the European Commission to put forward the necessary actions to ensure that:

•                 workers’ information and consultation rights at national and at European level (via European Works Councils) are complied with and enforced;

•                 access to timely and effective remedy to workers and their representatives is guaranteed in case those rights are breached;

•                 dissuasive sanctions in instances of violation of workers’ information and consultation rights are clearly foreseen, including suspension of restructuring plans.

We call on the European institutions to start strengthening the flawed and limited European legal framework on democracy at work and restructuring. We call for a revision of the EWC Directive and for a new horizontal framework on information, consultation and board-level participation of workers for European company forms and for companies making use of company mobility instruments. The EU social partners’ agreement on information and consultation rights on restructuring for workers and civil servants in central government administrations must be implemented by a Directive.

You can read here the full letter here and the petition here.

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