EFBWW urges the European Commissioner of Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit to reinforce posted workers’ rights


The EFBWW sent a letter to the European Commissioner of Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit regarding the enforcement of posted workers’ rights. The EFBWW denounces that, following the current COVID-19 crisis, national trade unions have identified several fundamental shortcomings in the application of European rules about the posting of workers.

It has become clear in recent months that posted workers have been treated as “second-rate workers” and that many posted workers have been left behind.

For the EFBWW, the current crisis demonstrated that there is an urgent need at European level:

  • ·        for the optimal functioning of the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI)
  • ·        for the introduction of a European Social Security Number (ESSN) and Insurance Status Verifier
  • ·        to identify posted workers. The EFBWW defends the creation of a watertight system, enabling unions, national administrations and inspection services to identify posted workers.

It is not the first time that the EFBWW reports this issue. On 9 January 2020, the EFBWW already addressed the European legislators in a letter stating that there are still fundamental enforcement problems in the application of the Posting Directive and that does not agree with the conclusions of the Commission services that there are only some practical national problems to be solved.


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