EFBWW urges European Commission to improve Posted Workers Directive


The European Commission (EC) will soon publish its interpretation of the new Posting of Workers Directive 2018/957.

This document was prepared before the corona crisis. Meanwhile, this crisis provided new evidence, demonstrating that the current system of temporary posting needs to be thoroughly reconsidered or at least requires significant improvements.

In addition to equal pay, decent working conditions, good social protection and safe and healthy workplaces, all posted workers are entitled to quality accomodation and transport and fair dismissal rules.

For this, the EFBWW sent a letter to European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, asking the EC to postpone the publication of the interpretation and amend the report on several important points, namely regarding the housing and transport arrangements of the posted workers and the rules on dismissals.

Letter to Nicolas Schmit on Posted Workers Directive

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