EFBWW is the new member of Forest Stewardship Council


The EFBWW is now member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This represents the attainment of the Executive Committee decision on June 2019 that the EFBWW should apply for membership in FSC. From now on, the EFBWW will actively participate within FSC.

A long-term relationship

The interest for the FSC activity is not new. The EFBWW has since 2014 been active in different discussions about a social label for the furniture industry. We tried to influence FSC standard chain of custody to increase the social rights within the system. This culminated in the presentation of a motion trough GS, since this trade union was a member of FSC. Besides GS, we also worked in cooperation with the BWI, who also presented a motion. As they were in line with each other, the motions merged. The work was done by BWI and the result was the presentation of a strong proposal: motion 50.

Later, in 2018, the EFBWW decided to discuss the possibility of becoming a member of FSC. After intense internal discussions and the Executive Committee decision, we are now part of FSC, who has at present 1069 members.

In this context, we want to maintain our cooperation with BWI. Trade union activities within FSC should continue to be coordinated at international level by BWI. BWI has set up a working group to operate and coordinate actively these activities. EFBWW membership can support this work. In this context, it is important to note that the work at BWI and within the EFBWW is partly carried out by the same colleagues. This ensures a good coordination.

EFBWW is the new member of Forest Stewardship Council

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