EFBWW and BWI urge EU to act now against the Myanmar military junta


BWI and EFBWWW, representing more than 12 million workers, including 2 million workers in the construction, woodworking and forestry across the world and in Europe, are calling on the European authorities and institutions to take immediate and urgent action to put pressure on Myanmar’s military junta and its commercial interests.

The global clamour to defend the country’s democracy has urged trade unions and workers around the world to organise, unite and stand with the people of Myanmar and isolate the Commander-in-Chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and other military leaders responsible for the coup.

Tom Deleu Secretary-General of the EFBWW stated, “the situation in Myanmar is very serious. The EU should react appropriately and reactivate its human rights sanctions regime against this military junta with the aim to support democratic forces in the country. We cannot condone how the military regime finances itself through the trade of valuable teak to the EU.” 

Ambet Yuson, Secretary- General of BWI said, “all of the country’s forests are managed by the state, with the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE), a state-run company, holding a monopoly over the trade. The trade is bringing hundreds of millions of dollars directly in the hands of the regime. We want that to be stopped, and if the EU acts quickly, we will urge other authorities to follow.”

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