Denmark : More cases of social dumping than ever before


The number early warnings ( the so-called 48-hour meetings) to employers suspected of cheating and underpayment is at its highest in Denmark since its introduction in 2010.

While collective agreement for the construction industry is currently being negotiated, the trade union 3F finds that the cases of underpayment and other forms of cheating are higher than ever before.

3F Byggegruppen, which organizes about 57,000 construction workers, is experiencing an unabated increase in the so-called 48 hour meetings, which is the first step in the case when the union detects breach of the agreement.

In 2019, 3F Byggegruppen had 415 48-hour meetings with employers suspected of violating the agreement, which is the highest number since the system was introduced in 2010.

Five years ago, in 2015, that number was 287.

"The 415 cases from last year reflect the widespread problems we have with cheating and breach of contract in construction. There are varying degrees of gravity - ranging from companies that dictate pay and working conditions where employees lose their right to negotiate, to cases of threats and false signatures", says Deputy Chairman of 3F Byggegruppen Palle Bisgaard.

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