26 concrete demands to direct EFBWW priorities in the coming 12 months


The EFBWW has prepared a motion and a document with 26 concrete demands for the coming 12 months to guide the economic recovery in the Covid-19 era. The Executive Committee adopted these documents at its meeting today.

The demands focus on three subjects: occupational health and safety, the European Green Deal and posted workers.

First, new and better rules for occupational health and safety are needed, taking into account new hazards and new risks. The COVID-19 crisis endangers the health of workers in all aspects of the working life. The social partners must adopt a strategy and coordinated action and there should be a significantly increased number of controls to protect all workers.

On the other hand, in the COVID-19 era, EU national Governments are reopening and relaunching the economies. The Green Deal is an opportunity to do it in a sustainable and just way. And trade unions should be actively involved in all discussions and in its implementation.

Third, posted workers are in a particularly vulnerable position. The Covid-19 crisis made their difficulties more visible and the need for a just and equal treatment even more urgent. Posted workers cannot be treated as “second-rate workers”. 

Initial EFBWW response to the COVID-19 crisis  [EN] [FR] [IT] [NL] [DE]

26 concrete demands to direct EFBWW priorities in the coming 12 months  [EN] [FR] [IT] [NL] [DE]




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