EFBWW Governance structure

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the EFWWW. It meets once every four years. The last EFBWW General Assembly took place on 7-8 November 2019 in Vienna (click here for more information).

The following matters shall be dealt with at the General Assembly:

·       the EFBWW activity report proposed by the Executive Committee;

·       An examination and endorsement of the Report of the Auditing Committee;

·       The Action Plan proposed by the Executive Committee;

·       Amendments to the Constitution;

·       The annual affiliation fee;

Elections of the members of the Executive Committee, the President, the first Vice-President, the second Vice-President, the third Vice-President and the General-Secretary.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the supreme body of the EFBWW during the period between two General Assemblies.

The Executive Committee discusses the strategic and decision-making matters at least twice a year, on the initiative of the Presidium.

The Executive Committee appoints:

·       the members of the Standing Committees

·       a first vice-President and a second vice-President for each Standing Committee, ensuring an even regional distribution of these positions.

The Presidium

The President, the three Vice-Presidents, the General Secretary, the President of the Standing Committee Building and the President of the Standing Committee Wood, constitute the Presidium of the EFBWW.

The Presidium shall be the preparatory and coordinating body of the EFBWW. It shall have the authority to convene the various constituent bodies of the EFBWW. It shall also decide whether a new item shall be dealt with first in the Executive Committee or in one or both of the Standing Committees.

The Auditing Committee

The activities of the EFBWW are financed with the fees paid by the affiliated organisations. For the purpose of calculating the financial and staff needs and the general budget and to enable a proper assessment of the future risks and opportunities for the organisation the secretariat shall regularly report to the Auditing Committee and the relevant decision-making bodies.

The Standing Committees

The EFBWW consists of two Standing Committees, one for the building sector and one for the wood, furniture and forestry sectors. The Standing Committees follow developments in their sectors and submit EFBWW policy proposals to the Executive Committee.

The Coordination groups and the strategic group

The EFBWW Executive Committee has set up two permanent cross-sectoral coordination groups and a strategic group. Within the EFBWW there are two coordination groups: one on occupational health and safety and one for European Works Council matters. For strategic policy matters the Executive Committee created a strategic group.

The Secretariat

The General Secretary and his staff are entrusted with carrying out the decisions of the Executive Committee and for implementing the policy lines adopted by the General Assembly.

The EFBWW Secretariat shall comprise the Secretary and the staff. The EFBWW-secretariat is based in Brussels, Rue Royale 45, 1st floor, 1000 Brussel.

The General Secretary organises and co-ordinates the activities of the Secretariat.

The EFBWW President and Vice-Presidents represent the Federation and oversee the activities of the General Secretary and his staff. 

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European Federationof Building and Woodworkers

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